Soort: Illustratie, Karakter ontwerp


Om meer ervaring op te doen in het ontwikkelen van karakters heb ik meegedaan met de #characterquest. Op basis van een verhaal ontwikkel je een karakter met je eigen invulling van hoe dat karakter eruit zal zien.

Het verhaal:

“The tavern was full of questionable characters. It always was. But Old Man Nutters said there was no better place to start a life of adventuring. Why, look! Someone is approaching already. It’s the head of the merchant guild, Ozmo!”

“You hardly consider watching Ozmo’s pet, Spike, an adventure. Where’s the excitement in refilling giant bowls of food and shoveling mountains of poop? You remind yourself of the gold Ozmo promised and drag out the chain-link leash for Spike’s afternoon walk.”

“Spike is restless on your walk. All of a sudden, he roars and dashes into the woods! You drop his chain before he can drag you away and as you try to give chase, you stumble and fall to your knees. When you look up, a cackling imp blocks your path.”

Ozmo, the merchant.
Spike, Ozmo’s pet.
The imp.